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Dr. Cornelius Session, DBA, MS, MA
Founder and Principal Consultant
  • DBA in Leadership (Walden University)
  • MS in Management (Colorado Technical University)
  • MA in Media Studies (New School University)
  • BA in Journalism (Rutgers University)
  • Graduate Certificate in Negotiation (Harvard Business School Online)

Dr. Session created Session Consulting to help leaders understand how to use organizational trust and communication to create high-performing teams. He discovered leadership, trust, and communication are essential factors for team performance through extensive research. His solution approach includes leadership training, innovative trust and communication strategies, and a succinct performance measurement system to maintain cohesion and sustainability.

With 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors, he has received awards for his leadership, professionalism, dedication, and teamwork during critical and challenging events. His top customers have been Secretary Mike Pompeo, Secretary Rex Tillerson, Secretary John Kerry, and Secretary Hillary Clinton. He has also worked on numerous collaborative projects with The White House, Congress, and the Department of Defense. Whether it’s working with CEOs, CTOs, diplomats, ambassadors, or government officials, he continuously provides leadership and distinct consciousness to every project. 

In addition, Dr. Session teaches courses in leadership, communication, business, and project management at several universities. He strongly believes in empowering young and adult learners to maximize their full potential within their industry.

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