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Appreciation Award: "In recognition of your resourcefulness, dedication, and teamwork in providing critical support for the Secretary of State and Spokesperson during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Department of State, Global Public Affairs Bureau

Performance Award: "In recognition of your outstanding efforts in support of a major public event with USAID Administrator Green. Your professionalism and dedication ensured that evolving and unforeseen circumstances did not adversely impact our operations and goals."

Department of State, Global Public Affairs Bureau

Mark Greenhouse, Sr. Audio Video Engineer (U.S. CFTC)

Dr. Session is the sum of many parts - a contributor to emerging technology, a high-level manager of complex technical events, and a steady hand at the wheel. His depth of experience and mature perspective makes him a top choice when exceptional results are critical.

Dr. Session was very dedicated to each young man he worked with and often thought of innovative ways to enrich their lives. He did not allow their previous behaviors to dictate how he treated them but treated them with a non-judgmental and caring attitude. This approach helped strengthen the relationship between himself and each young man. Dr. Session was a great asset to have as a therapeutic mentor, and I would certainly seek his assistance in the future.

Dr. Amel Logan, PsyD., LPC (Each One Reach One)

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